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Let’s grow your church

Proven strategies to find, engage, and connect people to your church.

Do You Struggle Finding New People For Your Church?


Are you struggling to get new visitors to your church?


Is your church growth flat or actually losing people?

Is technology advancing too fast and you’re having a hard time keeping up?

Are people coming to your church website but not giving you their info?


Tired of wasting time on social media that isn’t getting people to your church?


Does your church communication make your brain hurt?

the plan


People are hurting more than ever. At Local Growth we’ll help you find those people and invite them to your church.


Engaging starts by helping others, adding value. We have a library of resources that you can use to help engage others.


Once we find and engage others we’ll then deploy strategies to help get them into your church and grow your church.
Want to know how to do all this at your church?


I’ve heard it said that 91% of people check out your business online first before ever stepping foot in your doors. That is why we needed Mike and his skills! Mike has helped us grow our website traffic as well as my personal traffic. He has a way of making the complex simple. Every business and every person should be using Mike Ruman. The man behind this is immensely gifted by God!
– Josh Weidmann – Pastor – Grace Chapel

We lean on Local Growth for our web development, SEO, and email marketing strategy. I love his data-driven approach. We’ve seen a large increase in conversions since working with Mike and the team.
– Colin McFarland – Mission Hills Church