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What Is The StoryBrand Framework?

The StoryBrand Framework is a 7-part framework to help you clarify your message. The StoryBrand Framework was created by Donald Miller and the team at StoryBrand. All of the parts and piece to StoryBrand can be found in Don’s book, Building A StoryBrand.

The StoryBrand Framework is a great way for churches to clarify their message and make themselves more valuable in the lives of those around them. StoryBrand uses the power of story has been shown time after again as one our most powerful tools, so let’s take advantage!

3 Ways To Use StoryBrand For Churches

The StoryBrand Framework can be used for your business, your non-profit, and even your church.

When using it with your church website, you want to show people what your church community is like, tell a compelling story, and reach people where they are.

1. Make The Person The Hero

In the StoryBrand Framework, the hero is weak. They need help. They need a guide.

Position the person, the mom, the dad, the addict as the hero in the story.

Help them understand their role in this world.

They can be the hero and your church can help them.

2. Show Them What Success Looks Like

People are hurting more than ever and they are looking for hope.

They are looking for someone to tell them that it’s going to be ok, and you are there to help.

We want to show them what success looks like in their:

  1. Marriage – A happy family
  2. Parenting – A mom and dad having fun with their kids
  3. Addiction – Someone thriving in recovery
  4. Community – People talking and laughing together
  5. Transformed Lives – Stories of transformation. “I once was lost but now I’m found”

This can be done with the images you use on your website, but also with videos. You can see several StoryBrand video examples here.

It is possible to tell a story using video, audio, and images. It’s telling people that they are here for a reason.

You’re not just another church where no one speaks up or feels comfortable … you want them to feel like by coming to your church, their burdens will be lightened and their hearts will fill with hope.

3. Be The Guide, Not the Hero

A big struggle with church marketing is that the church makes it about them.

People want to know ‘what’s in it for me?’.

Make the copy, the images, the videos about them.

How can coming to your church help level up their lives?

In the StoryBrand Framework, the Guide needs to show two things, empathy and authority.

Empathy – “We get it, life is messy, we’re messy, too.” Let them know your church is for ‘normal people’ like them.

Authority – “We’ve helped people, just like you, find hope, find healing.” And this can be done with the transformed lives videos.

You don’t have to be perfect or super polished, just honest and real.

Your church’s story should show how they helped people (and maybe even you!) through difficult times, connect them with God, and provide a safe community for them to belong.

And by making the content about your audience – instead of your own staff or pastor.

StoryBrand Church Website Examples

The StoryBrand Framework can be used for your business, your non-profit, and even your church.

A church can use the StoryBrand process to simplify its communication and attract more people.

The biggest piece to get right is the homepage header. In particular, the heading and image (or video) used with it.

You need to understand your audience. Who are they, and what do they care about?

Once you have that information in hand, you can create an effective church website using the StoryBrand Framework.

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Mission Hills Church

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