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Christmas is a great time to get new church visitors to your worship services.

In a recent Lifeway Study they found that 47% of Americans attend a church service on Christmas.

At Local Growth we’ve put together a list of seven great ideas you can use at your church this to reach more people, invite more people, and grow your church this Christmas.

Create A Facebook Event … Then Boost It!

Super easy, free to do. 

Why you should do this is because of the viral ability of it. When someone says they are going Facebook will share that with some of that user’s feed. So, Mike says he’s going to Christmas Services at Woodmen Valley Chapel and then Mike’s friends see that and may click on to see what this Christmas Services at Woodmen Valley Chapel is all about.

I also like to boost these events:
– Friends of people who like your page
– Your target avatar for your church

create a community event

An outreach event that serves your community and grows your church is a HUGE win-win.

Example: Hot coca and a movie night.
Invite people near your church to a free movie at your church and serve them hot cocoa (and surprise them with cookies). No strings attached. This not only brings the community together but also gets people into your doors for a no pressure event that could lead to a invite to Christmas Services at your church.

PS – Don’t make this about you or your church make this about serving your community.


publish an advent devotional

Generosity is the currency of the internet. And what better way to give back this Christmas than a customized Advent devotional that ties back to your church.

‘But, Mike, we don’t have those kind of resources?’ Well, you can hire them. Look at places like:

  • Upwork
  • Ask around your congregation

What’s great about this one is that you can use this same Advent devotional year after year after year. 


GO Where They ARE

Not every outreach idea needs to get people directly to your church, but you can meet people where they are. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Free gift wrapping at your local mall
  • Go caroling in the neighborhoods surrounding your church.
  • Visit a nursing home.
  • Have a toy drive.

Offer Hope Via a Training

Christmas is a joyous time for many people, for others it’s a hard time.

  • It may be their first time without a significant other.
  • They may be estranged from their family and this is a reminder of that.
  • Maybe they don’t have the finances to make this amazing for the kids and they are strugging with that.

 Put together a class (in person or online) where you can help others get through this time.

    Facebook Ads

    Create an avatar of the people you want to reach with your Facebook Ad. An avatar is simply a model/idea of who you want to reach. Example:
    John Smith, age 42. Married (6 years), 4 kids (10, 6, 4, 2). Works at a corporate job making $95k/year). Enjoys hiking. Main pain points are he’s lonely and needs way to connect with his wife.

    I like to build 4-6 of these per church and then get after it! (meaning we target ads to help address the pain points of the avatar. 

    Offer something of value with your Facebook Ad.

    For John (above) we may give him some conversation ideas for date nights with his wife. Free, quick win for him. But then we invite him to our Christmas Services. 


    Provide your congregation with resources that they can do the outreach themselves.

    This could be:

    • A postcard with your service info on it (bonus: include a discount or free coffee if you have a coffee shop)
    • Have your congregation buy candy canes and challenge them to go door-to-door handing those out and inviting people to your church.

    Offer training (in person or online) equipping your congregation with the tools they need to invite people to your church. If you are doing an in-person training do a lot of role-playing with the congregation. Help get them over the fear of talking to strangers.